Ocean Calling aka Sophie Wilkie was formed at the end of 2013, in a little town called Bellingham in Washington State. Originally from Moseley in the UK, Sophie started making/programming music herself whilst living in the very top corner of the USA.

Almost all of her songs are motivated by and about movement, and discuss, amongst other things, the various travels she has undertaken during the course of the past three years, spending months in a converted van travelling from country to country, across the USA and also through Europe, living a minimal, nomadic life and documenting/photographing all of it for the digital domain.

Adventurous and probably unconventional, Sophie has tried hard to espouse a different way of living day to day, believing that it genuinely is possible to live an alternative lifestyle and in many ways has achieved this. She has spent time with isolated communities throughout Europe from those who forego even the most basic modern methods to those who are digitally connected. Her music is a blend of dreamy electronic elements, prosaic lyrics and a hint of the acerbic. ‘It’s also about finding magic wherever you go’ adds Sophie.

As a musician Sophie is a competent pianist and vocalist, writing lyrics that in isolation could undoubtedly stand on their own as poetry, and as a photographer her work is represented in the USA across various platforms.

The album ‘Quiet Magic’ is a bold and adventurous first work, soaring effortlesly within various electronic soundscapes, at times dreamy and light, but at times equally dark and introspective. But of course it’s the
listener who will decide……..